Snow Days

A quick personal note today.  Hopefully you noticed that I haven’t added anything recently.  This is because I have had no new data to post.  The semester just finished last week.  I put out a quick survey of my students.  I found that after an introductory chemistry course, my students felt unsure about the nature of science and how chemistry relates to their lives.  They have a basic understanding of the theory of chemistry.  

The new semester started on Monday.  I began to implement my instructional strategies, but I haven’t seen my students since as we had a small snow storm.  That is 3 inches of snow followed by 2 inches of ice, then 3 inches of snow.  The temperature is low enough at night that everything refreezes.  Instead of teaching, I have been hanging out with my six month old beagle puppy.  Anyone have ideas on domesticating a wild dog?  If you know Beagles, you’ll understand what I mean.


My Beagle, PVnRT

My Beagle, PVnRT



So, hopefully, I will be able to close the week with my students.

On top of this the Ohio Department of Health will be inspecting our school in February for school safety (part of Jarod’s Law).  I will be helping the administration prepare for this.  Prepare for the first entries involving my classroom experience sometime mid next week.

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